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E-Waste Management

E-waste can be defined as obsolete electronic devices or components and materials. It is important that the disposal of such objects is managed responsibly and that they are kept out of landfills as it often contains hazardous substances which harm our environment. In the situation of equipment being deemed unfit for re-use, we arrange for it to undergo dismantling in preparation for delivery to our ISO-certified downstream recyclers for further recycling. Our e-waste management service is an end-to-end process and can be tailored to your business requirements.

Recycling Services

Recycling of e-waste is a responsible and ethical method of disposal. It is the most effective solution to the increasing e-waste issue as technology steadily advances. ITC Asset Management always strives for the most environmentally safe outcome and our complete recycling service provides an efficient and direct solution from start to end, from collection through to delivery to our ISO-certified downstream partnered recyclers. Reports and certificates are issued for your records and guarantee.

Buyback Program

Take advantage of our Rewards and Recycling program, designed to assist our clients to reduce their total cost of ownership (TCO) and increase their return of investment (ROI). Our trained technicians will assess the equipment prior to removal, and provide a competitive rebate price based on the condition of the assets. Collection of the equipment is also complimentary with this program. Our Rewards and Recycling program is driven by our company mission to keep sustainability at our forefront.


Environmental sustainability is our main priority. ITC Asset Management is an environmentally focused company, and we endeavour to deliver the best possible solution to an ever-increasing e-waste issue the world is facing. Through our management services, our skilled team can assess and provide the most suitable option for both your business and the environment. Where assets can be repurposed, you may be entitled to a rebate or in situations where the material is obsolete, we will arrange fully certified disposal via recycling. ITC Asset Management keeps sustainability at our forefront.


Arrange for removal of your obsolete e-waste through our collection service, which is a safe and secure process, undertaken in an efficient manner which fits your schedule. ITC Asset Management values and understands our client’s, therefore we aim to guarantee availability for collection within **3 - 5 business days of your initial enquiry. Once collection has been arranged, our skilled agents will attend the site while ensuring minimal disturbance is experienced, also aiming for the least disruption to your business. Take confidence in ITC Asset Management to deliver a professional service as our technicians are OH&S trained and have been fully verified with Federal Police checks for your assurance. Through our collection service, any redundant e-waste which is not suitable for re-use will be responsibly disposed of via our ISO Certified downstream partners. Dismantling will take place, followed by sorting, for the purpose of salvaging any material fit for repurposing with the aim of directing the least amount possible to the recycling plant. ITC Asset Management is an environmentally focused company; therefore sustainability is our priority. We will always attempt to restore and reinstate any equipment to the best of our ability before recycling is considered. Our Recycle and Rebate Program brings you the potential for rebate where assets are deemed inappropriate condition for re-use. Currently, our coverage areas include the Sydney Metropolitan area and outer suburbs. Please contact us to arrange an obligation free quote ** Once confirmation has been provided.

Data Destruction Services

Data destruction refers to deletion or removal of files to a point where the originating system that created the data cannot obtain a method of reading the information, however, the potential for the data to be retrieved through recovery services still remains. It is performed typically by a method of formatting or removing directions to a file instead of removing the file itself. In summary, simple data destruction leaves data vulnerable to retrieval, however it may be suitable for cases in which the data is not particularly valuable or confidential.

Physical Destruction or Degaussing

This method involves destroying the media or equipment which stores the data. It will damage the device so that it becomes totally unusable through the use of a mechanical shredder for devices such as smartphones, external hard drives and even laptops. It can also be performed via a degaussing method which involves demagnetizing the hard drive of any given device. While this does destroy the majority of the data as the originating device has been destroyed, it does not guarantee that all data has also been destroyed entirely and is safe from retrieval. This is certainly the case with Solid-state drives (SSD’s) as data can still remain on shredded pieces as small as 2mm and their integrated circuits are not affected by degaussing. As always, it is important to consider each individual circumstance and requirement when choosing the correct method of data wiping which our specialised team are ready to assist with.

Data Sanitization

Complete erasure of stored data on various forms of electronic media is crucial to protecting valuable information and to avoid sensitive information from being accessed - especially during the current prevalence of cybercrime worldwide. Data sanitization is a critical step in the process of data erasure to ensure all information is securely removed and the potential for the data being accessed or used is eliminated completely. Simply deleting files is not sufficient as the information remains stored within the hard drive or memory of the device and this forms the potential for unauthorized recovery of data and privacy as well as security breaches. Sanitization differs from Data destruction in that it includes verification, confirming that the device contains no remaining usable data. It is performed by overwriting current data permanently and irreversibly with no chance over recovery by a specialised software-based program replacing data with values of zero’s, ones or even random characters for a number of passes. At ITC Asset Management, we use the method DoD 5220.22-M which was developed by the US Department of Defense.

Processing & Sorting

Through our collection as well as recycling and rebate program, we often deal with e-waste that is not suitable for reuse. As a result, it undergoes thorough sorting by our highly qualified team to identify any parts which may be salvageable in order to avoid a higher contribution to the worldwide precedent of increasing e-scrap in landfill. Sustainability is always at our forefront. Materials that we sort include items such as; plastics, aluminium, metals, copper and rubber which are each sent to different recyclers. After collection of your equipment, the fleet is processed and categorised, we then supply a complete report of our evaluation for your records.

Better Recycling

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