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E-waste is an ever increasing environmental concern as estimates show that in 2021, the amount of e-waste globally will reach over 60 million tonnes. 

According to the City of Sydney website, Australia produces more than 650000 tonnes alone. We aim to do our part by offering our recycling service.

Disposal of obsolete IT equipment always poses the question of how to safely and securely remove your confidential data. Have you considered the consequences to you or your company if the information on the storage device gets into the wrong hands? We can help you determine the most suitable method of data erasure according to your requirements and build a tailored plan which can incorporate collection, recycling with a potential rebate through an ongoing client relationship with our professional IT Facilities management services.

ITC Asset Management are experts in data destruction, and we guarantee that your sensitive data will be completely erased and destroyed. Hard disk drives can certainly be formatted, but it is not always the safest nor the most reliable method of wiping as data can still be retrieved.
Our options for eliminating data include; data destruction, physical destruction and degaussing as well as complete sanitization. We provide certification for your guarantee, and services can be performed onsite or offsite, depending on your preference.


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Our OH&S trained agents will attend the site while ensuring minimal disturbance is experienced, also aiming for the least disruption to your business that fits your schedule. Equipment is then safely and securely returned to our warehouse.

Dismantling will take place, followed by sorting, for the purpose of salvaging any material fit for repurposing with the aim of directing the least amount possible to the recycling plant. We always aim to restore and reinstate any equipment before recycling is considered.

Rebates and Reports are provided according to services provided. Assets are processed and categorised, and reporting issued for your records. Your dedicated account manager supports each step of the process.

Any redundant e-waste which is not suitable for re-use will be responsibly disposed of via our ISO Certified downstream partners. We guarantee a legitimate recycling process compliant with our ISO accreditations.


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Our OH&S trained agents will attend the collection site while ensuring minimal disturbance to staff and your business at a time that fits your schedule.


Reports and Certificates can be issued upon request for your guarantee and be compliant with individual company policies and regulations.

Data Erasure

Our data erasure is performed using industry-leading data erasure software Blancco and WipeDrive, trusted by militaries and governments worldwide.

Buyback Program

Through our Recycle and Rewards program, we may offer potential rebates for eligible IT assets.


Our e-waste collection will provide you with an environmentally focused recycling solution for the disposal of all forms of IT assets.

E-Waste Management

All equipment that cannot be repurposed or reused is sent to our downstream; ISO certified recycling partners for further recycling.

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