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How to do secure IT disposal by e-waste recycling in Sydney? | ITC Recycling

E-waste is an ever increasing environmental concern as estimates show that by 2021, the amount of e-waste globally will reach over 60 million tonnes. According to the City of Sydney website, Australia produces more than 650000 tonnes alone. We aim to do our part by offering our own recycling service.

Now you can reduce your e-waste Sydney has by a secure IT Disposal system that ITC asset management has to offer which will help you reduce a lot of electronic waste in your business and at home.

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Recycling of e-waste is a responsible and ethical method of disposal. It is the most effective solution to the increasing e-waste issue as technology steadily advances. ITC Asset Management always strives for the most environmentally safe outcome and our complete recycling service provides an efficient and direct solution from start to end, from collection through to delivery to our ISO certified downstream partnered recyclers. Reports and certificates are issued for your records and guarantee.
E-waste collection provides you with an environmentally focused solution for disposal of all forms of IT assets including racks, cabling and even print equipment. Our OH&S trained technicians will safely remove the equipment and we guarantee a legitimate recycling process compliant with our ISO accreditation.

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Desktop and Laptops IT Waste 76%

Servers IT Waste 70%

Cable Waste 36%

Printer IT Waste 55%

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