ITC Data Wipe

ITC Data Wipe

Secure methods customized to your individual business needs.

What is a secure IT data wipe? | ITC Data Wiping


Disposal of obsolete IT equipment always poses the question of how to safely and securely remove your confidential data. We can help you determine the most suitable method of data erasure according to your requirements and build a tailored plan which can incorporate collection, recycling with potential rebate through to an ongoing client relationship with our professional IT Facilities management services.


Our options for eliminating data include; data destruction, physical destruction and degaussing as well as complete sanitization. Where applicable, we provide certification for your guarantee. Services can be performed onsite or offsite depending on your preference, except for physical destruction due to the nature of the task.


The highly experienced team at ITC Asset Management have undergone complete Federal Police Checks and our Sanitization software meets the standard of the US Department of Defense.


secure data wipe | IT data wipeWhat are the benefits of a secure IT data wipe?


Do you have confidential data on your laptop? How about your phone? Well, now there are many ways that you can do a professional secure data wipe and that is by contacting ITC Asset Management who perfect in IT data wipes.


Data wipes can be complicated. But not when professionals handle it. In an office, you need to ensure that most of the data is important and isn't released for others to see that's why ITC Asset Management can easily customize and set your business laptops and confidential files off of unwanted prying eyes, which will help the company benefit the most.


No one wants their data destroyed that's why when you really need to get your computer reset, professional data wipes are perfect because you can choose which details you would like to keep or discard. There are different options like data destruction, e-recycling which can help you to see what you need to retain.


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