Recycle and Reward

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E-waste is an ever increasing environmental concern as estimates show that in 2021, the amount of e-waste globally will reach over 60 million tonnes. 

According to the City of Sydney website, Australia produces more than 650000 tonnes alone. We aim to do our part by offering our recycling service.

Large corporations with high employee numbers are required to supply in many cases multiple electronic devices to staff to allow for efficient and smart working conditions. Our Buy Back scheme assists corporations to manage e-Waste responsibly in an age of advancing technology.

Take advantage of our Recycle and Rewards program, designed to assist our clients to reduce their total cost of ownership (TCO) and increase their return of investment (ROI).

Our trained technicians will assess the equipment prior to removal, and provide a competitive rebate price based on the condition of the assets. Collection of the equipment is also complimentary with this program.

Our Rewards and Recycling program is driven by our company mission to keep sustainability at our forefront. Let’s work together to make the least amount of impact to our environment and reduce your company’s carbon footprint, while being compensated.

Does your corporation have an upcoming IT refresh?

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Our OH&S trained agents will attend the site while ensuring minimal disturbance is experienced, also aiming for the least disruption to your business that fits your schedule. Equipment is then safely and securely returned to our warehouse.

Our trained technicians will assess the equipment prior to removal, and provide a competitive rebate price based on the condition of the assets.

Rebates and Reports are provided in alignment with services provided. Your dedicated account manager supports each step of the process.


Any redundant e-waste which is not suitable for re-use will be responsibly disposed of via our ISO Certified downstream partners. We guarantee a legitimate recycling process compliant with our ISO accreditations.


Services & Solutions


Our OH&S trained agents will attend the collection site while ensuring minimal disturbance to staff and your business at a time that fits your schedule.


Reports and Certificates are issued upon request for your guarantee and compliance with individual company policies and regulations.

Data Erasure

Our certified data erasure is performed using industry-leading software; Blancco and WipeDrive, trusted by militaries and governments worldwide.

Buyback Program

Through our Recycle and Rewards program, we may offer potential rebates for eligible IT assets.


Our e-waste collection service will provide you with an environmentally focused recycling solution for the disposal of all forms of IT assets.

E-Waste Management

Any equipment that cannot be repurposed or reused is transported to our downstream, on-shore and ISO certified recycling partners for final processing.