ITC Buy Back

Through our Rewards and Recycling program, potential rebates may be offered for redundant IT assets.


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Why choose ITC buy back for you? | IT BUY BACK PROGRAM

Take advantage of our Rewards and Recycling program, designed to assist our clients to reduce their total cost of ownership (TCO) and increase their return of investment (ROI).
Our trained technicians will assess the equipment prior to removal, and provide a competitive rebate price based on the condition of the assets. Collection of the equipment is also complimentary with this program.
Let’s work together to make the least amount of impact to our environment and reduce your company’s carbon footprint, while being compensated.

The benefits of using the IT buy back program

When you are a big corporation with an office, how many employees work under you? How many electronic devices are needed for your staff to work? Can they share a work computer? Of course not! Where do the broken computers go to?
The IT buy back program helps you to reduce the number of e-waste in your life, whether it is at work or home. This program is specifically designed for the age of technological devices to help improve the sustainability of our lives.
Here at ITC AM, we help you get rid of that problem and help you recycle e-waste that needs to be disposed of. This is why rather than using the old traditional ways of throwing it in the garbage, you can recycle and use the product again.
The It buy back program offers you the advantage of recycling electronic waste by assessing equipment and evaluating if your device can be fixed. There are a lot of companies nowadays that really need to check up on their company’s total cost of ownership, as a matter of fact this helps a business owner to see how much of money they are spending on a phone or laptop. So, ITC AM actually helps you to see how much of a financial budget you can get. Also, e-waste measures can help control the number of phones or laptops you throw away per year.
IT buy back
When you need to need to use the IT buy back program, you tend to get more advantages of a financial estimate intended to help your business limit the budget of a product. (TCO) and you get increase in your direct amount of return on a particular investment return of investment (ROI) and this helps you to save more money on a particular product.

Better Recycling

We are a Leading IT Waste Management Company, Committed to The Environment

Desktop and Laptops IT Waste 76%

Servers IT Waste 70%

Cable Waste 36%

Printer IT Waste 55%

We Safeguard The Environment